The Ever Expanding Blogosphere

Ever since blogs were first introduced to the Internet, they have expanded digital media and journalism in general in ways society never imagined possible. I myself have created several different blogs for different classes, for documenting my semester abroad, for collecting my favorite photographs, and even for some of my internships. It wasn’t until I was looking back at all my different blogs I’ve managed when I realized just how versatile the blogging world is.

Blogs can fall into a plethora of different categories, which each serve a specific target audience. For example, when I want to look at photography and design I always go straight to Cape Cod Collegiate, a photo tumblr that I was immediately attracted to because of the simplistic style and manageable layout. However, there are several other popular blogs focusing on topics such as politics, food, travel, etc.

In Chapter 4, Brian Carroll discusses the importance of catchy headlines and hypertext to add to your content. He also talks about the importance of making sure your blog articles are no more than around 350 words, something I strongly agree with. As an easily distracted and busy college student, I only have time to read short articles offering me what I need to know in a few concise paragraphs.

Carroll continues on in Chapter 7 by emphasizing the need to have a blog which fosters community building. What this means is the blogger needs to not only write in a conversational style, but also he or she needs to find ways to actively engage the readers. My favorite blogger, Emily Schuman, has created a very successful blog by doing these exact things. The majority of her daily blog posts are no more than three to four paragraphs and she breaks them up with photos and what Carroll refers to as “chunking”.

Some discussion questions I thought of after reading Chapter 4 & Chapter 7 are:

In your opinion is blogging considered journalism?

What do you define as credible sources?


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