The Food Truck Revolution


Greenville Food Trucks, a set on Flickr.

For my semester-long topic, I chose to focus on the Food Truck Movement here in Greenville. Over the past week, I visited three of the five popular food trucks in town.

There are five known food trucks in the Greenville area and I’ve posted a list of them all and linked to their Facebook/Twitter page if they have one:

One way they are promoting their business is through social media, since it’s a free form of communication to the public. In order to find where they were located each day, I would go to Twitter or Facebook to look at their schedule for the week and where each of them were parked. This is a perfect example of how digital communications has helped small businesses, such as food trucks, gain attention. Without the help of social media, the Food Truck Revolution wouldn’t be possible.

I’ve created a slideshow of my three visits to some of the local food trucks including, Thoroughfare, Neue Southern, and Henry’s Hog Hauler. All of them equally as scrumptious as the other. I used Adobe Photoshop to enhance my images in order to better convey my story. Enjoy, and I hope you don’t get too hungry – if so, go on a food truck scavenger. Trust me, it’s totally worth it.


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