Branding Myself on a Webpage

My final project for my Digital Communications class is to create a website, or basically an online portfolio of all of my work experiences and class projects to use as another way to show my talents to potential employers. Before creating this webpage, I need to have a goal or direction of what I hope to achieve through it. Since I don’t plan on getting another internship post-grad (I’ve had my fair share of unpaid ones), nor do I want to go to graduate school right away, the goal of my personal website will be to land an entry-level job in the marketing or communications field. 

I will use this website as a format to collect all of my past digital projects, including video, slideshows, blogs, etc. and showcase them to potential employers. My audience will mainly be potential employers, recruiters, or people already working in the marketing and communications field who could possibly refer me to someone after seeing my site. 

Therefore, I will also need to have a section for my resume to better explain my past work experience and educational background. 

The homepage of my website will be a brief about me, which will explain my objective loud and clear in a precise manner. I don’t want people wasting their time looking at my website unless they are looking to hire me or network with me.

I also want to showcase my study abroad experience to potential employers, since willingness to travel is something many of them admire in a potential candidate. I have studied abroad two separate times and was a Social Media Expert and Student Blogger for one of them, which I will incorporate into the website. 

Lastly, I will be sure to have a Contact section, which is clearly the most vital section of the website if an employer is interested in me based off of my webpage.

Below are 5 different websites I found, which I am using as inspiration to base my own website off of:



I really like the color scheme of this design layout, while it’s still bright and colorful it’s not too “out there”.


I really like how sharp this page is, but still has unique elements at the same time.


This is a photographer’s online portfolio, I love how he incorporated his own photographs into his page.



I like how they took the logo and used it all over the website, but in simple, tasteful ways to establish their brand.


As a design website I really like how they used their own designs, but kept it simple and clean by using black & white.



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